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Traceability platform for sharing information from producers for buyers!


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all process detailed, full traceability and data input by the producer himself!

We are passionate about coffee growing and we spread our values through more fair and sustainable relationships. Best of all, we do it together!


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Founded in 2018 by Danielle Fonseca & Iago Junqueira Flowins was created with the main purpose of changing the coffee market and the way producers understand and work with their coffees in Brazil.

Both Danielle and Iago grew up seeing their family’s struggle with the farm and specially with the lack of tools to understand the production, the quality of their coffees and how their coffees were sold in the market. With knowledge and data combined in a software Flowins offers the possibility for each producer to seek a sustainable production and a fair value for their product.

With an intuitive software created by producers for producers, Flowins allows each farmer to manage their crop with efficiency and transparency. From day-to-day operation up to a digital account were each producer is able to manage how much money they are spending to produce each bag, the yield of the farm, post harvesting management, agronomy advises and ways to make the production more efficient.

Flowins Founders
Flowins Q-Grader

With a Q Grader on the team (Danielle) and partner Q Graders Flowins provides quality reports of each lot that combined with daily traceability results in analysis of which steps were done correctly and which were the weak spots that can be improved by the producer.

By organizing management and knowing their product the producer has more ways of selling their coffees and to provide transparency to the buyer, Flowins acts like a partner of both parts, connecting producers with buyers in a transparent and efficient way, as each lot comes with the day to day traceability provided by the producer himself.

With a strong urge of changing the way coffee is marketed in Brazil Flowins main objective is to find partners that share the same values and respect for what is produced in a year of a farmers hard work. There is no better way to improve than with knowledge, planning and executing, that’s what Flowins does for all partner producers in Brazil.