Induced fermentation: advantages and disadvantages of this process

The term fermentation has been widely studied and talked about in recent decades, but it is interesting to note that fermentation in coffee always occurs. 

It occurs in the grain still on the tree until the drying process, what changes is the intensity of the fermentation, whether it is lighter or stronger.

The importance of induced fermentation

From many studies and tests it was found that induced fermentation can be beneficial and can add value to the final product.

After this discovery, this process started to be performed by several producers with great results in the cup.

This process has several possibilities and discoveries, and also must be tracked (see the importance of traceability here) and studied, so that it does not occur in an undesirable way and harms the raw material.

It is important to know that fermentation requires healthy grains , sugars present in the fruit , microbiota rich in microorganisms and attention in all stages.

Advantages of induced fermentation

With fermentation linked to traceability, it is possible to have greater consistency in the result, such as:

All of this will increase the coffee score and its value for sale.

In addition, it allows the producer to have more competitiveness in the market, standing out both internally in coffee contests and generating greater visibility for this property.


When introducing the fermentation in some coffee, it will be necessary to have a greater accompaniment in this process and in the care that it requires.

It will be necessary to pay extra attention to this coffee, like how to control the amount of microorganisms produced and especially the temperature.

These precautions will serve to understand the heat spikes and their stability phase, to finish the process at the right time , so that the grain does not start to degrade and unwanted fermentation occurs.

Another aspect to consider is the sale of this coffee, which will require an advance study of the market and possible buyers to obtain the desirable price.

The importance of post harvest

Always plan the sale before the harvest, so that you already have the final buyer in mind. Before planning the post-harvest and implementing the induced process, it is necessary:

If you want to know more about post-harvest planning with a view to selling, visit here.

After planning this kind of fermentation, just start producing these coffees with remarkable characteristics, which have been conquering the palate and the market for specialty coffee.

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